Size 8 happy

Size 8 has spoken out about a sex scandal that nearly tore their marriage apart.

On their weekly show Dinning with the  Muraya’s, Size 8 revealed that she is happy the scandal went viral because it pushed them together and they bonded even more.

“The reason why I was there for you baby is because of the all the times Jesus stood by me. I was a chief sinner. I used to shake my bum. Why can I not give back the same love,” Size 8 explained why she stood by DJ Mo.

Size 8 explains why she chooses God and her marriage


“I’m sorry to say this babe, that it is good it happened because this is the time we have bonded the most, we have prayed the most and fasted the most and our now bond is stronger than before.”

The Mateke hit singer revealed that netizens will never understand why she did not castigate her husband over the infidelity allegations.

“Most people did not believe me or understand what I did they thought this was the time I was to bash DJ Mo and throw his clothes out of the window. I did not want this thing to break him or destroy him or whatever the devil wanted to do.”

‘I don’t give a damn!’ DJ Mo’s side chic hints after he reunites with Size 8


“I looked at him and said I want to love him the way Christ has loved me. He was shocked by the way.”

DJ Mo was at pains to explain that they did not split and that the cheating allegations began when they unfollowed each other and did not post each other on social media.

“There are things we do behind the curtain that people don’t know. For three weeks we did not post each other and people started saying we have left each other. She has always been with me throughout the storm.”

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