Three months after the untimely death of Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai her mother Tabitha Karanja has penned an emotional tribute.

Tecra, the last born daughter to the Keroche boss passed away after she succumbed to injuries she sustained after an accident in Lamu.

She was at the time with her boyfriend Omar Lali.

Taking to her Twitter account ,Tabitha Karanja now says that Tecra’s death left her unable to move forward.

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Sharing an old photo of herself and a young Tecra, Tabitha penned,

‘This week marks 100 days since we laid to rest my last born daughter Tecra.

Her death left me brokenhearted without an idea of how to move forward.

People say to give it time. But truth is that time changes nothing. What has changed is my eyes have been opened to more truths.’

‘Tecra had injuries from a blunt object’ no alcohol was in her system,’ Postmortem reveals

Tabitha added that Tecra was not just a daughter but also a friend, workmate and a confidant.

’29 years ago when Tecra was gifted to me, I was drawn to her insatiable curiosity. Through the years i BENEFITED from her outlook of the world.

She became my sounding board in my very private life and my public life as an entrepreneur. I dearly miss her counsel and company.’

Tabitha further stated that she was glad of the impact Tecra had on people’s lives adding that she has received calls from different people who knew Tecra worldwide.

‘I’ve heard from friends in 20 countries whose lives Tecra touched & inspired. Her life proves what differentiates people is – opportunity.

Thank you all for prayers that helped ease our pain. For those in a similar place, I pray for grace to live & grieve at the same time.’

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