Kenyan celebrities have come out to speak out about Kenyans facing racism from Indians in Kenya, and how they can’t rent or own homes for being black.

With the war on racism currently ongoing in the USA after the death of George Floyd, more and more people are talking about their experience.

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Taking to his social media he wrote

Khaligraph narrated how he was denied entry in a part of Langata because of his skin colour.

‘Last year I went to Langata to inquire about some Nice houses I had seen on the Internet, after getting there we were prevented from Entering the Estate cause we were told we aren’t Indians, apparently only Indians can own property in That Area, Nilijua Ni mazishi Nikarudi Kayole polepole. The OG was not respected.

In Kenya, there are also schools where children raised in single parent homes are not denied admission while some establishments don’t allow people who are not officially married to use their facilities.

Below are some of the reactions to Khaligraph’s narration of his racist incident.

ogaobinna: Happened to me last week in Parklands🤷‍♂️🥵
donimran254@ogaobinna if that happens in our own continents😰😰😰😰 how do you expect people to treat us in their continents…..most of it is not about racism…its about what we’ve shown them that it should be.
nazizihirji:Yoooo word !!!! and this has been happening for such a looong time ! They say vegetarians only.. and even if  you are vegetarian as long as u black hupati house.
krgthedon:Indians are the poorest people on Earth they should even treat Kenyans with some respect!!! Kazi yao ni cleaning toilet and other manual jobs elsewhere in the world E.Africa ndio wanafurisha balls 🤣.


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