When is the last time you said something nice to somebody important in your life?

This was the question Classic 105 radio presenter Larry Asego was asking listeners this morning, as he talked about appreciating the people we love and those that are important to us.

According to Larry Asego, people often wait until their loved ones pass on, and that’s when they start saying nice things about them or start regretting why they never appreciated them when they were still alive and well.

“Today I want us to thank those people we love and thank God for in our lives. If you have someone who matters in your life, how about you tell them now that they are alive well,” said Larry Asego as he went on talking about the importance of appreciating others.

A lot of women called in, as some talked about how their husbands never appreciate them, while some revealed how their men thank them and make them feel important.

But one particular man by the name Captain Kale called in, and started by appreciating the people in his life, Classic 105 presenters and listeners, but then, he went on to ask why some women who add weight still want to be appreciated and treasured.

According to him, women should watch their weight and avoid getting fat because men don’t like that. Trust me, he actually took shots at ‘big’ women. Listen to him in the audio below.