' I lost my legs to a mysterious disease at age 15' -DJ Euphoric

• DJ Euphoric lost use of his legs as he was about to sit for his KCPE.

• He battled depression for two years.

DJ Euphoric
Image: Wilred Nyanagresi

 Barare Ogeto famously known as DJ Euphoric has shared how his life changed after he lost use of his legs.

He was the official DJ for former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In an interview with Melody Sinzore says he lost the use of his limbs 

" I became disabled at around age 15/16. 

I was bout to sit for my KCPE. One day I woke up and I would have pain in my joints.

I assumed it was pain from my previous day's activities. The pain persisted for like a week or two.

I was still going to school. It reached a point where one of my legs couldn't touch down."

He added 

"My mum demanded to know why my leg wasn't touching down.

I was given painkillers but the situation did not change."

Euphoric says at some point the pain became unbearable

" With time I stopped going to school, my legs couldn't straighten, My back could not stretch. 

I couldn't even sit, physiotherapy has helped me a lot. Friends and villagers left me saying I was bewitched.

I battled depression for almost two years."

The award-winning DJ said it took him almost four years to accept his condition.

"It's better to be disabled as a child than as a grown-up.

When I started using the wheelchair I was worried about what people would think.

My family would encourage me a lot.

I accepted myself and left nothing negative. I met people who were worse than me.

People who had one leg and were still doing chores, For me I couldn't walk."

Euphoric says he underwent different tests but they showed nothing wrong

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