The many reasons you should be drinking pasteurized milk

• Raw milk is not safe to drink as it can carry harmful germs.

Mpasho infographic
Image: Mpasho

According to Safe Milk Kenya, safe and quality milk must be free from harmful levels of aflatoxins, antibiotic residues, and bacteria.

Aflatoxin-contaminated milk poses serious health risks, while antibiotic residues from overuse in animals can create resistant bacteria and trigger allergies, particularly to penicillin.

High levels of harmful bacteria further compromise milk quality and consumer health.

Farmers can ensure milk safety by controlling aflatoxin contamination, preventing antibiotic residues, and maintaining strict hygiene practices.

Additionally, pasteurization, which involves heating milk to kill harmful bacteria, ensures that processed milk is safer for consumption by eliminating pathogens, thereby guaranteeing clean and healthy milk for all consumers.

Recently, Safe Milk Kenya launched a campaign dubbed "Know your Milk-Improve your Health." 

The initiative, co-funded by Bio Foods Products Ltd and USAID, aims to raise awareness among consumers and farmers on the impact of high levels of aflatoxin in milk on health, to provide training and advice on mitigation measures to reduce it towards a national outcome of better health for dairy consumers.

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