Infographic: Unusual items thrown at musicians while on Stage

• In June this year, a concertgoer tossed a bag containing the ashes of their deceased mother, while she was onstage at the British Summer Time festival in London.

•  Pink, 43, appeared stunned and paused her set to speak to the fan.

Image: Unusual items thrown at musicians while on Stage

Musicians are increasingly facing huge risks getting on stage and having crazed fans throw items at them.

From Drake to Pink, Harry Styles, here are things the artistes have had thrown at them

Back in July 2023 , a woman flung a size 36G bra on stage. Drake was amused at the huge undergarment, and while he joked about it, it led to others doing the same.

The rapper jokingly asked the crowd to find the owner. Netizens found her, and she eventually got side hustles from her fame.

 He has since been collecting bras, and there's a video of it.

In 2012, fans trolled the US singer about her weight by throwing sausages at her.

Ariana Grande was pelted with a lemon wedge during her headlining set at the Coachella Festival in Indio in April 2019.

Here is the full list 

List of things ever thrown at musicians while performing

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