Rashid Echesa

Former Sports minister Rashid Echesa says he is tired of using matatus, buses and walking to get to where he needs to get.

His expensive rides were impounded by DCI detectives on March 2 over fraud allegation.

Through his lawyers, Echesa filed an application in court seeking to have his car, a Range Rover model of registration plate KCR 786H, returned to him.

He said, he has been “reduced to using public transport, hence subjecting him to embarrassment and loss of dignity”.

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He added,

“The respondents’ continued confiscation of the vehicle has subjected me to embarrassment and loss of dignity because I am now forced to use public transport, and even sometimes travel on foot.”

Echesa even attached documents to prove that the said Range Rover is his personal property, and that he did not acquired fraudulently.

The sale agreement shows that paid Ksh 23m to Qutbi’s bank account. It further shows that the vehicle was officially handed over to Echesa on September 4, 2018.

In the application, the lawyer wrote,

“The respondents are required by law to protect my dignity. They have, however, subjected my car to vandalism and rot where it is impounded at the DCI headquarters.”

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