Diana and Bahati

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua seem to have made up after he was allegedly caught cheating on her recently.

Early today, the couple went for a check-up at a city clinic and while on their way, they had a chat in the car.

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Bahati was lamenting about women’s behaviour. Especially those who are pregnant.

Babe, one thing I don’t understand about women…’ he said.

Diana interjected asking,

About women? Why do you need to understand women?

The Mama hit singer goes ahead to tell her that he doesn’t understand why women blame mood swings on pregnancy.

Mnaeka moods and then you blame it on pregnancy. Unanunuliwa, ooh, kiatu you´re like, ooh, mimi sipendi hii color, ooh you don´t remember my favorite color, was it mine? [Everytime  [pregnant women] you’re moody you blame it on pregnancy] What’s up with women?

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The heavily pregnant mother, who was not one bit impressed by the ensuing conversation, responds saying,

So you want to say that you´re blaming it on pregnancy? And babe, stop generalizing people and saying women. Say Diana!

Bahati then tells her

Mi sijui wanawake mnatakanga nini. [I don’t really know what women want.] I’m still young, I don’t want stress.

Fans of the couple reacted to the videos and comments include;

zyl_shirley You should be careful of the things you sit down and orchestrate to act and fool Kenyans about your marriage…wait until such issues start knocking at your door.

careymilley I like the statement “am still young staki stress” I kif u🤣🤣

maaameve Mwanamke hata ulale Kesha the whole night and you did not say beforehand. You will be in deep shit.

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julesgathiru too much acting…especially where now the sister is seen to be intrusive n talk to Bahati like so casually on the sister’s behalf….does this even happen in real life? The shoes we saw the dude buy the wife…n then she cries ati ni za dem mwingine ..would he leave evidence like that?

adnerbrendahtosh Si mna madrama nyinyi😅😅

christineonkangi I like it when you call him baby, Baha bado ni mtoto

lucis Sasa why are you acting ati hubby is cheating on you.😂wacha kuskia watu wewe and work on your marriage. Your hubby loves you,