Steve Mbogo

National Gun Owners Association of Kenya chairman, Antony Wahome, has revealed that Steve Mbogo is not a member of their association.

This revelation comes after the former Starehe parliamentary aspirant was spotted at the 14 Riverside Drive terror attack scene, donning a bulletproof vest and a sophisticated gun. Wahome said,

All I can say is he (Steve Mbogo) is not our member, our members have a strict code of ethics and it is not up to a civilian licensed firearm owner, to go to a place where there is something happening just to be there.

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On Wednesday, Mbogo was grilled for hours by police over gun possession, where he was asked to verify the ownership of his gun.
Wahome has voiced biting criticism of critical of Mbogo’s antics,  and reminded the firearms owners of their primary duty which is to save lives and not be seen parading their weapons like “cowboys”.

“You must go there to save lives, you must be actively involved. If you have no role or if you don’t wish to be involved, then don’t go!”

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Asked whether Mbogo is allowed to carry the automatic shotgun he was pictured with, in the viral photos, he said;

I am not sure what kind of a gun he has, from the picture I am not able to tell, but, by and large, the only people who authorize people to carry firearms is the firearms and licensing board as per the firearms act.

Mbogo defended himself saying he is a licensed gun holder and he was there to provide help and assistance after he heard of the Dusit attack after all he was a victim of the Westgate attack and he knows the trauma associated with it.

Responding to Miguna Miguna’s tweet, Mbogo said,

Today, If I was in any illegal business like he said I was carrying guns like drug dealers in Colombia. The police would be after me even before (Dusit attack). In his mind, he did not take time to research and find out that Mbogo is a licensed gun owner and he is there to assist.

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