Kisii artiste Rapper Raj has in an exclusive interview with Mpasho revealed that love is what made him dedicate a song to Ngina Kenyatta.

The song is titled ‘Ngina Bae’.

Asked on why he chose Ngina and not anyone else Raj said,

She is beautiful. she is a woman and I am a man.

She looks very intelligent and eloquent and I am attracted to that type of women.

It’s like I have a crush on her because I have been having this idea for a while.

I pray that my love letter reaches her.

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Ngina Kenyatta

Raj acknowledges that he has never met her and that he would like for her to consider him as a viable suitor.

I have never met her but I have been at the same event with her.

I do not know we can only wait and see and I am very sure it will happen. The universe is on my side when it happens I promise you I will tell you what I think.

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Ngina Kenyatta

I think she will be okay with my song because it is a beautiful song. I am very sure she is humble.

Raj said he would love for Ngina to visit his village.

I come from a very nice village and I want to take her there to see the beautiful rivers and just hang out.
My village is in Kisii called Mogonga. That’s what I would love to do if my dreams came true.