Controversial tweep Maverick Aoko has said women who ‘eat fare’ and never show up have no difference between them and thieves who rob people.

Speaking during an interview with Dr Kingori on the Wicked edition, she said


‘Ukitumiwa fare please show up. 

If a man sends you fare and you fail to show up it’s equal to a thief. If you kula fare you are not different form the covid-19 billionaires.

Some women will say ‘i did not ask you to send me fare yet they begged for it. And if you can’t show up give a good reason for not doing so.’

Things that hurt a man more than ‘kula fare’

Aoko also advised women to take accept the repercussions of their mistakes instead of always blaming men.

‘Stop blaming man for everything that goes wrong in your life. Women and men can never be equal.

Use your hands to climb the societal ladder instead of always expecting favours.’

Asked on whether she would agree to get married as a second wife, Maverick responded

‘Gladly, Who know maybe I am one.’

Radio host Annitah Raey was however for the opinion that women can ‘eat’ fare if they want to as no one forced the man to send it in the first place.



‘No man is forced to send fare,If I want to see you I will come without even asking for fare.’

Do you agree with Annitah Raey that if a man sends you fare you are allowed to ‘eat it’ and not show up?

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