Media personality Anita Nderu was yesterday trending after a video of her hosting members of the LGBTQ community on her cooking show emerged.

Nderu had hosted the two on her show titled ‘The over dressed cook’. The video which was meant for viewers over the age of 18 caught the attention of many.

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In the video, strategically placed was a cooking oils Fresh Fri.

This forced Pwani Life the company that manufactures Fresh Fri cooking oil distanced itself from being associated with Anita Nderu maybe for fear of backlash.

‘Fresh Fri would like to state that we have not engaged Anita Nderu for product placement or any other advertising of any kind. However, we would like to thank her for being a Fresh Fri consumer. Fresh Fri is keen on delivering quality products that promote #HealthyLiving.’ The company tweeted.

Taking to her social media to defend herself, Anita said she was not the type to be bullied into silence.


Warning ⚠️ 18+. We were meant to make Eggs Benedict on this edition of The #OVERDRESSEDCOOK.

We did eventually 😂 but mostly we had the most fun shooting our episode in what every overdressed cook would wear PJ’s wise! @i_am_romeothebossy & @victor_maish Thank you so so much for being the coolest guests EVER! I had the most fun shooting this episode❤️🏳️‍🌈 I hope you did too.

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Further adding,

‘Also, I will never be bullied into silence. As human beings we have the right to refuse to be defined by what other people think rather we must define ourselves.

As people we should celebrate our differences, encourage authenticity & wonder at the diversity of humanity. We all have a right to love and be loved however & whenever. 

I have been told I have to address why I am being fried on Twitter🙂 This is to categorically say no brand of any kind was involved in this particular video, why they are under fire now after innocently featuring in other videos is a puzzle.

We are in no way associated. It is merely a coincidence as per usual with our show we have all types of brands present unless stated otherwise.

I have been told not to say * phone is grabbed * 😂 anyway the team knows that part😄’

Check the video below



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