Kamene Goro

Kiss 100 presenter Kamene Goro is the latest victim of cyberbullying. Kamene has revealed that someone called her a hippopotamus.

She shared a video on her Instagram, talking about the body shamer.

‘Today I left the house feeling was super confident and felt looked really cute. Took a picture…long story short somebody called me a hippopotamus, I was like, eeh, which had me thinking there is so much negativity out here in society and I don’t even know why,’ she said.

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Encouraging her fellow women who might be going through the same, she said,

I want to encourage you; you’re beautiful and whatever struggle you’re going through right now is not bigger than the fight within you, You’re more than enough, You’re here to conquer word…No matter what you’re a queen, nobody can determine who you’re, what you’re other than you. I want you to walk out into your day with your head held high.

Kamene’s followers flooded her post with positive messages, praising her for being confident and happy in her own body.

Check out their messages;

thedanceboxx Kamene you are beautiful mama…

neominganga ITS A SHAME … SOCIETY HAS GOTTEN TO THIS! DEFINING WOMEN BEAUTY OR WORTH BY THEIR SIZE …BODY SHAMING AND LABELLING THEM LIKE TOY’S!….THIS HAS TO STOP! We are not going to sacrifice our mental health for perfection because of society!! When you judge another you do not define them!! You define yourself! @kamenegoro you’re beautiful! Your Enough! you are a STAR 🙌

leah_cheps Ati hippo yet we are there husband’s/ boyfriends favorite , Saitan , sanitize your heart sis. You are beautiful Minji❤️❤️❤️❤️ big up team plus size🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🎄🎄

becky_wanjiru ❤️❤️❤️I got nothing but love for you…Am also plus size I go through the same shit of being body-shamed every day but I learnt to appreciate and love myself, even more, am super Confident.

dj_oneshott Don’t ..DO NOT LET ANYONE take your shine girl. You are a queen and nobody can take that from you.

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