Nanyuki murder

Major Peter Mugure, a prime suspect in the murder of his estranged wife Syombua and their two children.

The three went missing on October 26 after visiting Mugure, who had invited them at his residence in Nanyuki Barracks.

Joyce Syombua
Joyce Syombua wuth her children

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After a thorough investigation, the bodies of Syombua and her two kids were discovered by DCI detectives buried in a shallow grave at a gravesite near the Nanyuki airbase, where the government buries unclaimed bodies.

Joyce Syombua

In an interview with Citizen, Elizabeth Maua said she has warned her daughter not to travel to Nanyuki, but instead ask Mugure to come to Nairobi but she insisted on going.

A week to October 25, when Syombua and the children left for Nanyuki, my daughter had won a child maintenance case in a Nairobi court. Syombua had sued Mugure for child upkeep after he said he couldn’t support the children because he was not sure that the kids were sired by him. One week to October 25, the judge ruled that Mugure should provide for the children after DNA test results on the kids revealed that he was their biological father.

She added that,

The court also ruled that Mugure should be granted regular access to the children. And in a bid to abide by that order, my daughter planned to visit Mugure with the children on October 25. I, however, warned her that my intuition was not for the visit, and that Mugure should come to Kayole, Nairobi and see the children; that was on October 24. My daughter, however, told me that nothing bad would happen to them, and that Mugure had even sent her bus-fare to visit him in Nanyuki. I told her: ‘Okay, go ahead with your plan, but know that I am against it.

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Maua said there were attempts to poison 10-year-old Shanice and five-year-old Prince Michael a week before a DNA test was done to determine whether they were Mugure’s children or not.

The two kids came home with soda and when a neighbor asked who had bought for them they said it was an auntie who bought for them and she told them to go and change [into home outfits]. The lady took the soda and upon drinking, she became unconscious.

The kids were afraid of their father and Maua narrated how one day Prince blasted him after he asked him which present he would like and the young boy responded,

Si ni wewe ule Peter alikuwa anataka kutuua? Sitaki kusikia jina ya Peter mimi [Aren’t you the same Peter who wanted to kill us? I don’t want to hear that name Peter once again.

Mugure will be arraigned in court tomorrow.

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