Jacque Maribe

Jacque Maribe has for the first time revealed that she suffered miscarriages and at some point, she was sure that she would never become a mother.

Speaking in an interview with True Love CEO, Caroline Mandy Maribe narrated how she battled with a fertility issue.

‘I had almost gotten a baby before but I suffered a miscarriage. it was tough at the time because it was so new to me. then we tried again, suffered a second miscarriage and didn’t know what was going on,’ she said. 


so our doctor said we have to probe further then they discovered I have this thing they called a septum and mine had a wall between and we realised that the problem was the baby would either be planted on one side or the other and as they grow the wall doesn’t move and now it causes a miscarriage.

septate uterus is a deformity of the uterus, which happens during fetal development before birth. A membrane called the septum divides the inner portion of uterus, at its middle.

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The former Citizen TV presenter was to undergo surgery but luckily, she was able to welcome her rainbow child, Zahari, who was fathered by comedian Eric Omondi.

‘We were lucky we FOUnd out earlier so I was told I had to undergo surgery to get rid of it and give ourselves a period of time and wait and now the baby would have at least enough space to carry all the way to maybe 30 something weeks and don’t have to get to 40. I remember I panicked and I said I’m not gonna do this. It took a while, I can’t remember how many years it was and every day I used to pray and ask God “what is too hard for you? I don’t have to have this surgery if you want you can make that thing elastic by whatever miracle but just make it elastic, create space,” she explained.

The mother of one continued;

‘In 2013 I remember I got sick and I was in South Africa at the time, where i had gone on assignment and was so sick and my colleague asked me “are you pregnant?” and was like, stop it, I can’t be.’

She came back still sick and went to hospital and after doing several tests,

‘the doctor comes in and says “congratulations”. I hadn’t done the surgery yet. My son is a miracle baby,’ she said.

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After receiving the great news, the excited Maribe told the most important people in her life.

‘I  remember I said the first three people I would tell were my mother, wasn’t even sure about being the baby daddy, to be honest at the time and my sister who lived in Dubai. After the baby came, I did the surgery (septum) and was told you can go now have your six children if you want.’

The media personality revealed that she wants to have one more child. Speaking about her son, she said,

His name Zahari means God has remembered and literally God remembered me. It’s a personal name and we have a very personal relationship. He makes me happy.

Jacque Maribe
Jacque Maribe and her son Zahari

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