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Socialite Pendo’s mzungu ex-lover Jospeph Kner has finally talked about their relationship.

Pendo engaged
Celebrating her engagement with her mzee

In a candid interview with, he revealed he never knew Pendo was a socialite and they met on Instagram.

I saw her profile on Instagram and then I  added her. Funny she was the one who sent me a message first and we talked on WhatsApp. She showed interest in me and I told her I would be visiting Kenya to solve a problem I had concerning my daughter. 


I found out about her socialite status later after we started talking. Where I come from we don’t have socialities. People are all about their minding their business and making Money.

After their engagement late last year, the two moved to a hotel in Westlands, where she was arrested for failing to settle the bill. Joseph had already left the country.

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When asked if he left Pendo with a bill to foot, he said;

The hotel stay took a turn when I was dealing with my ex wife and I had to stay another 10 days in Kenya which were not planNed at that moment. The first nine days were paId immediately at the check in, of course hotel policies. The rest OF THE eight extended days were supposed to be paId at check out as I was not sure how long I would stay.

Pendo had cash (25,000) from me which she asked about a day before I left.  Later as well I transferred to her Sh60,000 ) the day I left. She had enough to pay FOR the rest of the stay which she should have and had asked to stay. I left 2 days earlier to Uganda and told her to pay with the money she had. But AT same time the hotel  as well HAD my credit card details which I sent a day before to the manager of the hotel in case I had to check out. But it turned out she did’nt  pay and the hotel took legal steps against her. She called me when I was on my way to Uganda  and I could have helped but I refused . I taught her a lesson . She chose herself to end up there.

Kner said he had a lot of engagements and was forced to leave the country.

I had enough other businesses to TAKE care of at that moment. I honestly wasn’t concerned with how and what Pendo spendS hers or other People’S Money . You should know that she could have left same day as me but it was her Choice to stay and shoot her videos for Nairobi diaries instead of leaving. So why should I care about paying location fees for Pendo and her show when the deal was over . That was in my eyes again a typical action of Pendo to try to impress her followers where she is and what she doES. But the truth is, if she was genuine she wouldn’t have carried her Family members to come and joyride on the mzungu and would genuinely show me her home or even try to act like she was real even without Money but oh well does she really survive independently without a Third party to swindle and milk off? 

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When asked if they still talk, he said;

We don’t talk at all and for me it’s totally irrelevant to talk to her about anything, reason being when I came back she only asked for Money here and there. For disrespecting the deal we had and the horrific costs she created for me that’s why we don’t talk. Somehow it’s only Money I lost but can always make more. I learnt a few lessons and got to achieve what brought me to Kenya.

Pendo recently told that  her ex-mzungu lover was an old man looking for publicity and chasing after young girls.


The man refuted the claims saying;

I am not over 50 , nearby.  There are some social media girls that claim to have met me but no proof,or I had promised them this and that. Clearly some are lies but it’s okay.

He added;

And for sure I am not chasing after Young Girls. It’s a fact in this world and times that there are many younger girls who choose the easy way to try to be with an older man due to Financial Security. I never had much following but it came and mostly it is Young Girls who want a share here and there.

 The 2 weeks I spent in Kenya cost me over 1.5 million. I was disgusted by the fact that Pendo brought all her family members and friends to each step we made out of the hotel so they could probably get decent food at places they couldn’t afford to go if there’s no sponsor around. Everytime the bill was brought, they all looked at me to pay it.

‘Pendo is one Of the permanent broke peOPLE whoM you come cross during your lifetime, the ones which don’t even capture the hint you send them to learn TO HANDLE it. So I decided to stop even advising her and let her live her miserable life.’ 

The Nairobi Diaries reality star responded to claims that she was after Kner’s money and while responding to a fan, she said;


Kner says when he went back to Norway, the socialite kept asking for money.

Shortly, after I got back to Norway she was total down and broke and begged again for money to save her a**.

Joseph says he has moved on and his message to Pendo is;

Good Luck in Your endevours. We are also in 2019, I would love for her and her fans to let this be a bygone.

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