Boniface Mwangi

Activist Boniface Mwangi says he regrets misusing his money in his 20s.

In a conversation on Twitter, a fan asked people to speak about the worst financial decisions they have ever made.

Boniface shared his experience, saying in his 20s he used to own a modelling agency and was a major shareholder in a PR company where he made a lot of money.

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“I bought a Mercedes to impress strangers. Paid Sh2.2 million without having it checked, ended up spending Sh500,000 to fix it,” he said.

He said he sold it to singer Juliani for Sh1.2 million, which Juliani paid in instalments. “Kama deni ya kiosk,” Boniface wrote.

Boniface was also working for Standard media group.

“I was earning a salary of Sh100,000 plus back then,” he said. “I was Kenya’s best photographer and I had clients all over.”

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