Dr Ofweneke

Comedian Dr Ofweneke says one of his most dramatic break up was when a woman he was dating dumped him on new year’s eve.

14 years down the line, Ofweneke says he always remembers that situation every end of the year.

“I was dumped on a new year. This chick came and told me ‘I dont think your comedy is going anywhere and I don’t think you’ll ever succeed to anything and I don’t have the patience for that,” he told Tamima Ibrahim on Switch TV.


“I had done my first concert and paid 200 shillings. I bought her a braceet and she asked ‘What is this? I’m a model! Its been 14 years.”

Comedian Dr Ofweneke

The comedian cum MC noted that his worst relationship was with singer Nicah after their public break up because kids were involved.

“It was a very tough decision where you had to choose the happiness of your children and your own happiness. I had to look for a house to stay and many times, I cried. I felt like I am a failure as a father and as a husband…”

“By the time I was healing, I had destroyed too many souls because in between i met other girls and I didn’t care.”

Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah the Queen

Ofweneke and Nicah have since moved on with other people.

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