Esma sick

Diamond Platnumz’ sister Esma Khan admitted to terminating her pregnancy with her ex-husband.

She and Mziswa tied the knot at a celebrity-packed wedding last year but broke up barely three months into the marriage.

She was married in an Islam wedding as the third wife to the Tanzanian-South African based businesswoman and their divorce has not been finalised.

Speaking on an Instagram Live session on Sunday, Esma said she was aware of claims she had aborted.

“The answer is Yes because I can’t sire with a man whom I don’t have feelings for. So this means if I had given birth to that baby, I wouldn’t have loved it. You need to sire with someone you love,” she said.

“Why would you give birth to a being that you know you will hate on?” 

Esma and Msizwa
Esma and Msizwa

Esma said she married the tycoon to enjoy life together and not reproduce.

“So stop attacking me with the fact that I aborted the pregnancy. I married him to enjoy the lap of luxury shortly like one week and we separate, so tried to be with him for months,” she said.

“We agreed to get into marriage and then go on with our separate lives, so I’m not in love and I didn’t want to get a child in the first place.”

She added that she has never been left by a man and that she is the one who willingly leaves her relationships. “Money is everything in my life and not a relationship.”

When asked by a fan if he was going back to his wife Msizwa said on Instagram that;

“I don’t want her, even for free”

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