The world is slowly changing and everyone is up and running chasing that paper come rain or shine. Women have mastered the art of working tirelessly for their own money; well with exemption of the few who are all about the sponsor money.


TV presenter Joey Muthengi is not about the relationship life as she revealed in a radio interview. With so much beauty, you would think she believes in fairy tales and happily ever afters, but you’ll be surprised.

She’s all about chasing that paper and not even a guy would stop her.

In the interview, she revealed that she considers relationship a piece of work which she won’t sign up for.


Sharing a video of the interview on social media, she said;

I like myself. I like spending time with myself. I don’t have time to take care of people. I feel like relationships are a job. It’s like work. It’s like you’re putting too much effort and when I put in that much effort, I usually get paid cash or cheques sometimes. I’m happier when I’m like this. I can do my own thing like go home. I don’t have anyone asking me how my day was and I’m like arrgghh, It doesn’t matter. Conversations need points. Why are you asking good morning? Good morning for what? I don’t have time for all that. My ideal relationship is when I see you once a week. I see you on Thursday, you can text me on Tuesday and I’ll be like “Cool, I’ll see you on Thursday’ and that’s it. Weekends I hang out with my people, weekdays I grind.”

Well, now you know. If you were about to ask her out, just save your energy. You’ll be greatly disappointed.

Listen to the interview below;

Best. Interview. Ever. "I like myself"

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