Savara of the famous Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol has talked about battling insecurities due to acne back in the day.

This he shared in line with their new jam ‘ Insecure’ which aims “to brighten up these times of gloom and doom with music.”

“I could not even approach a girl those days. Nilikua na maspots all over my face,” he said.

Savara then talked about being insecure over how he conducts himself in the group.

‘I am insecure about my ideas because I exist in a group.

That means that whatever I bring on the table and how I behave has to be in line with everyone else in the group.’

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Like everyone else, Savara shared that he has his own insecurities when it comes to matters love and relationships.

 ‘I am insecure about my love life and sometimes I don’t know how to approach my girlfriend in certain things I know she is sensitive about.

Now you know that we all have insecurities, whether as celebrities or not.

The best thing to is to tame them and accept the fact that no one is perfect.

Na kazi ya mungu haina makosa.

Listen Sauti Sol’s new jam ‘Insecure’ below

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