Xtian Club Covid

Controversial Twitter bigwig and influencer Artur Mandela aka Xtian Dela has for the first time revealed that he collected Ksh5 million from Club Covid.

Xtian started Club Covid after Tory Lanez’ Quarantine Radio became a center of attention on social media.

He hosted skimpily dressed women twerking and fans among them American superstars donated money. The cash was used to pay the best ‘twerkers’ and the rest was given to families struggling to meet their needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Well, Xtian’s Club Covid saw underdressed women compete to twerk live on Instagram and get paid depending in the cash collected on that specific day.

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Speaking in an interview with Jalang’o, he said,

“I have collected 5,600,000 from club covid and I have paid over 527 Kenyans”

He added that the highest payment he has given out was 222,000 and collected over 700,000 in a single night.

There was a time Xtian was summoned at DCI headquarters over the show after a section of the public accused him of promoting immorality among the youth, who have access to the internet.

Kenyans have reacted after he revealed that he collected millions of cash and below is what they had to say;

Victor Muthoka And this is how you alert KRA to your case, SMH.

nimo_ahmad Xtian alikuwa analia nini we need to know….kwa Cub Covid

pablojohny Aaaiii @xtiandela kuna venye 5 million inakaa 😂

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Elijah Okemwa Christian or x-tian. This guy knows online craft too well. 5M is a deal. This boy business-wise is ok and motivating. On morals, I leave you to judge…

Kj Mpoa Nlicontribute more than 3k & I can’t regret…I enjoyed

Music Lover Sijawatch video… But from title – KRA Rukieni huyu jamaa ASAP.

Collins Dwa You may think Dela is the one hosting the show. He’s really come too defensive with club Covid but do I say!