The world is going crazy! Some of the current happenings, make some of us wonder what would happen if Jesus came back. From committing incest, bestiality to rampant fornication, human beings are living a careless life. What if your mother, sister, aunty or any close relative you are sleeping around with gets pregnant?

Cases of men indulging in sexual activities with their blood relatives have become the norm leaving people with many questions than answers. Are these people normal? Do they even read the bible or know anything about the ten commandments?

‘I Caught My Boyfriend Red Handed Having Sex With His Mother,’ Cries Out Traumatized Woman

Well, a Kenyan woman by the name Grace Maina from Nanyuki has shocked the public after she exposed her husband of six years for sleeping with her niece. Grace narrated how she found her husband bonking her niece in their matrimonial bed. The angry woman went ahead to reveal how she couldn’t stay in her marriage of six years and was forced to divorce her ill-mannered husband after finding out that her niece was pregnant.

Below is her narration, read through

“My name is Grace Maina am a single mom of three. I was married for 6yrs. My hubby was a teacher and I had a boutique shop in Nanyuki town.we both lived together… After some yrs he started sleeping with any househelp we had in the house.. He continued on until one day I went to work in the morning and my older sisters daughter came for a holiday .I left her with the kids to work… But around 10am I felt like going back to the house…

I closed job and went back home only to meet my husband on top of my niece at my bed… Na watoto wamewekewa movie.. Do u know I watched them to the last… When he Saw me he said… Sorry mum Ni shetani…. Pls.. In I replied to the girl to live my house… I called home informed mum and she requested I live with my kids. Kufika home only to know that she was 4 months pregnant for my husband… I couldn’t bare the shame and pain…. I sold my shop en came to nai… Now it’s 7yrs… He married my niece a month after I left him. Until now… I just moved on with my kids… God is faithful.. Now he called me ati ameacha huyo he wants me back with the kids… Wanaume Ni avocado haki.”

Here is the screenshot

Husband And Woman