Gospel singer Size 8 real name Linet Munyali is one of the most celebrated singers in the music industry.

The Mateke hitmaker converted from a secular singer to gospel artiste back in 2013 after revealing that she had given her life to Christ with the help of her mentor, now husband DJ Mo.

After joining the gospel world, Size 8 and DJ Mo would later come to reveal that they were an item after speculation from the media and fans, as they actually confessed that they held a secret wedding in the presence of their family and friends.


A year later, Size 8 would flaunt her pregnancy to the world and after 9 months she gave birth to the cutest baby girl, Ladasha Belle, who is now grown up after turning a year old in 2016.

Size 8 and hubby Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo have been going strong over the years and are one of the cutest couples in the entertainment industry and other than being a family, the couple has had a few changes in their lifestyle and physical appearance.

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Recently, Size 8 revealed that they had both added so much weight after getting married and were planning to shed off some of it and get their sexy back. The lovebirds have started video blogging where they are sharing their weight loss journey and daily activities.


In their first episode, Size 8 revealed something about her health that nobody knew.

Sadly, she has been diagnosed with hypertension (a state of great psychological stress) and at times, it takes her toll on her, making her moods unstable especially when she takes the medicines.

Watch the video below to get all the details and also get to see a day in their life.