shaffie-weru. photo credit: file

Some people are just crazy or should I say ill-mannered. They will do anything whether good or bad without caring about the consequences. What if you are arrested and jailed for several years for just hacking someone’s social media account? Well, that’s probably what might happen to Prosper Chirumbwa. This middle aged man has given radio king Shaffie Weru sleepless nights in recent past.

Shaffie’s Gmail, Instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked. It took him more than a week to regain them after thorough investigations that revealed Prosper Chirubwa as the culprit. The guy whose Facebook profile shows that he stays in South Africa and has a registered cell phone number 0736578653, hacked Shaffie’s accounts with thousands of followers. The hacker, also had two other Airtel numbers; 0738970031 and 0735210381 both unregistered, raising many questions than answers. How come the numbers are not registered yet the government strictly insists on that? Is Airtel aware of such cases?


Well, the lad demanded 20k per account amounting to 60k from Shaffie so as to “help” him access back his account but the smart-minded KISS 100 presenter, decided to use all means necessary to regain control of the sites. With the help of IT guys, Shaffie was able to find out that Prosper Chirumbwa was the man behind the hacking issue.

What a con! Beware this man!