No one is strong as a married woman whose husband cheats a lot.

Mwanaume Kamili! Kenyan Man Apologizes Publicly To His Wife After Cheating On Her

Some of the married women go through hell trying to secure their marriages but only a few manage. Others give up and walk away.

Ladies, Would you fight for your failing marriage or walk away?

A frustrated married woman was recently left in tears after she found out through their family lawyer that her husband of 12 years has a baby mama with two kids. Her husband has willed all his properties including the house she is staying in (with her family) to the baby mama and her children. Sadly, she and her children were left with nothing yet they are the first family.

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“I have been married to my husband for 12 years now , through thick and thin, I have suffered so much for my home to stand, not until my husband fell very sick and was in the hospital, I was with him from day 1 till to date.  I carried him from place to place even when his family gave up on him, I stood by him not until few days ago his lawyer came to see him in the hospital and saw how I was suffering and looking older than my age carrying him and cleaning his urine and poo.

So he called me into his car. His eyes were so red. I was wondering if my husband told him something, then he held my hands and told me that his conscience will kill him if he does not tell me this, seeing how I am suffering.

He told me that my husband has a baby mama who has 2 kids for him and that he (my husband) willed all his properties to them, he left nothing for me and my children. He willed including the house we are living in at this moment. I was broken, did not believe until he showed me the will.

Should I abandon him in the hospital and work with this lawyer to change the will? Should I just kill him quick?  I feel so betrayed.  What do I do now? I am FRUSTRATED if this man dies there will be nothing for me and my kids.

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Nita: Am sobbing for you. Why will men be heartless? This can’t be the man doing this. They did juju for him. He’s not in his senses.

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Zed: Have you confronted your husband about it? That is the first step… Hear from the horse’s mouth before it will be a trap. Women, when you hear something, ask questions. Too many crap in the world right now

Adetutu: This us really sad and hard, but madam I thank God you were able to find, it means God is fighting and will continue to fight your battle, pls continue to take care of him, then work the lawyer with wisdom for him to change the will, also pray harder and channel your prayers to this and bottom line talk to your children to be hard working and they should believe and hope in any passed down wealth, but they should work for their own.

Phorla: I’m speechless. Please don’t stain your hands with his blood…let God be the judge. Pray he survives it then maybe he would realize how much of a fool he is. It’s actually sad

Enlony: This is so saaaad! Some men are just going hell fire straight! Work with the lawyer to adjust the will in your favour.  Give something to the baby mama because of the children, please. May God see you through.

Teni: Speak with your husband. There’s a chance the lawyer might be lieing. His response should determine your next step. If I’m the affirmative, he should call the other woman to stay with him in the hospital.

Zeus: 12 years a slave. God will punish that lawyer for breaking client lawyer privilege or whatever they call it. Foolish man. But madam… Just pack what you can. And move away from his vicinity.. move so far…’abandon’ will not begin to explain what you’ve done. God has got you.