Women fighting over a husband

Married women go through a lot especially those in bad relationships. If your husband is not a wife batterer, he is either an alcoholic or he cheats on you. Many married women choose to stick in such relationships just for the sake of children or maybe to avoid embarrassing their families.

‘My Husband’s Mpango Wa Kando Has Taken Everything From Me,’ Mourns City Wife

Well, a city woman claims her husband has a roving eye and recently, she confronted his side dish/ mpango-wa-kando but this did not end up well. The woman was beaten and left for dead by the ‘husband snatcher’.

Read what transpired between the woman and her husband’s mpango-wa-kando:

“My husband has a mistress he has been with for a year or so. I found her number on his phone. So I found her name, searched her address up and went to her house. She told my husband that I was knocking on her door. My husband told me to leave her alone and stop harassing her.

She said that she didn’t want to fight. I rang her apartment doorbell, I told her to come outside. She did not want to so I went to her apartment and showed her text message screenshots and pictures of them together. She said they’ve been together a year.

So in her apartment, I pushed her outside and she grabbed me. She punched me numerous times, scratched my face (I have a few cuts), pulled my hair and kept attacking me. I admit I was wrong for hitting her first but she kept beating on me after I begged her to stop. I even have a black eye that is very swollen, scratched on my face and a patch of my hair is gone. Like she really beat me up.

Can I press charges on her for hitting me? My husband found out about the fight from my bruises and is not speaking to me. He is consoling her and he is asking for a divorce. He doesn’t even want to be with me anymore. We don’t have children. I loved him and cheated on him with my ex-boyfriend twice a few months ago, but we worked it out. I have cheated much time before marriage but twice in marriage. I was never in love with him but he earns a lot of money and I can’t leave.”

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