Huddah Monroe
With her blonde wig/weave?

Huddah Monroe is a physical specimen of beauty. She might have had some work done on her teeth but that doesn’t detract from the blessings God abundantly placed on her aesthetically.

Huddah Monroe

And it seems that some man out there has seen the wonderful things she has to offer and might be ready to wife her up. This is according to the controversial socialite who has no qualms about sharing her divisive feelings and thoughts about an issue.

Huddah Monroe

And yesterday was no different as the former Big Brother contestant is on a forgiveness tour. With who exactly? The people she may have wronged in 2017. Why not 2018 you may ask? Saint Huddah believes that in 2018 she did not wrong (for her that means engaging in a public fight) anyone.

Huddah Monroe

Yep and for that reason, the only year she is seeking absolution from anyone is for 2017 before she changed her brand.

And why would she be going down this path? Because Huddah is getting married and she needs some bridesmaids. She wants to make sure that she hasn’t closed all her options because of past fights.

Huddah Monroe

Like her famous tiff with her former friend Zari Hassan or her cold war with Vera Sidika. It seems this new Huddah wants to start her wedding(and thus her marriage) off on a clean slate.

Zari and Huddah in the past
Zari and Huddah in the past while still friends

She communicated this info on one if her social media pages writing:

I dint fight with anyone in 2018…. so I am busy apologizing to people who I fought with in 2017! I feel like I am about to get married and I want Bridesmaids 

Huddah Monroe

But didn’t she go after Lillian Muli late last year? Maybe that was someone else she was speaking about?

vera Huddah
Huddah and Vera 
The question is whether the likes of Zari and Vera will take this once in a lifetime opportunity to be Saint Huddah’s potential bridesmaids. I don’t think so.