Huddah Monroe

2018 has been an interesting relationship in the world of trollops. Vera Sidika got into a relationship that lasted slightly longer than a chicken’s memory and Huddah revealed she is dating too.

While no one knows the man brave foolish enough to Huddah, we know the moron that wiffed up Vera for all of a hot second before she, true to everyone’s expectations, dumped him like a used prophylactic.

Otile Brown

Which they apparently didn’t even use because he ended up impregnating her and she aborted his child -according to Otile that is.

Bac to Huddah. She has been sharing alot of her thoughts and wouldn’t you know it, she actually isn’t quite as vacuous as many would have you believe her to be. She has been sharing rather eccentric advice on relationships and I am all here for it. She seems to have made her peace with the fact that the male imperative is to sow wild oats and she is willing to look the other way only if that is all her man gives his other lasses: Dikembe Disembe┬ájust worked his way into this article.

Anyway, all she values are his emotions, resources and offspring. There is alot of truth to what she is saying if you ask me because she is speaking on the fact that a man can sleep with a lass and n=feel nothing for her, come back home and be a loving, doting husband.

But what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander so…