Former President Mwai Kibaki has been admitted to a Nairobi hospital again after he last admission two weeks ago.

The former head of state is said to have been driven back to The Nairobi Hospital on Monday evening and was admitted to the VIP wing where he is currently receiving treatment.

Kibaki served Kenyans as the country’s third president between 2002 and 2013.

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A cloud of mystery shrouds his admission with his family keeping it very hush-hush. Here is how they managed to keep his admissions private and away from prying eyes.

1. A day after June 28, 2020, when the Star published the story of Kibaki being admitted to the hospital, his private secretary Ngari Gituku came out to dispute the 10 days the former head of state stayed in the hospital.

2. Gituku told the Standard newspaper that Kibaki was treated and discharged the same day, adding that it was a routine check-up for the 89-year-old economist.

3. Officers privy to government security operations told the Star that the former head of state was booked under a code name and the whole floor secured. This is to guarantee his security at the hospital.

4. A source revealed, “Only a top nurse, specific doctor(s) and his personal doctor are allowed to attend to him.”

This was to ensure the flow of information is kept only between the hospital staff that is cleared to handle his treatment.

5. The information flow is so airtight that the source added, “Even his details are not registered at the hospital.”

We wish him a quick recovery.

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