Wambui Elani
Wambui Of Elani

Afro pop star Wambui Ngugi of the popular band Elani, talks about hair loss in her newly launched YouTube channel.

Like most women, hair is part of beauty, which gives one confidence and pride as a woman.

“Three years ago, I started to experience hair loss. I didn’t know it was hair loss. I noticed a crazy loss of density around a particular area of my scalp. People call it the crown, but is commonly referred to as the vertex by trichologists,” she started.

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Elani band members; Brian, Wambui and Maureen

Panicking she tried various solutions offered on various YouTube tutorials and different blogs. Wambui later met a professional who diagnosed her with Androgenetic hair loss.

“For me, I couldn’t say it’s just hair because a full head of hair affects my confidence,” she explained.


Genetic hair loss cannot be cured but managed.

“There are three types of hair loss, one is temporary which is managed by taking some pills, ointment for six months and once taking you won’t stop.”

Elani duo Wambui and Brian Chweya
Elani duo Wambui and Brian Chweya


“Second is semi-permanent hair loss is managed by some growth factors like blood platelets and fats being injected at that region of hair loss which is administered once in every 36 months and the third is permanent hair loss where by one can be bald which can be managed through transplant.” 

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Wambui details her journey on her channel.