She will be the first to feature in this series I am debuting. It’s because Facebook is essentially becoming boring and most of us are migrating to IG. We love Instagram because it does not come with too much complexity; it’s all about visual appeal.

Talking of the Kenyan Instagram, it is the ultimate proof that Kenyan ladies are the most beautiful on the continent. It is the exact opposite of a study that claimed that Kenyans are the ugliest people in Africa.

So Cute! Sexy Capital FM News Reader Anita Nderu And Her Boyfriend Match Clothes (PHOTO)

One proof to this is Anita Nderu. Man, this girl can still gerrit, even after moving to radio. Technically speaking, she is girly, sweet looking, funny, intelligent, unique and super-creative.

Her instagram has gorgeous pics from her vacations, the cakes she bakes, her work sessions, red carpet appearances, no-make up shots and much more. She is one of the hottest females on Kenyan Instagram!

Here are some of the videos from her IG:

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