Kenya has been reported to be the second country in the world in drug trafficking cocaine and Heroine.

Drug cartels are making huge profits by selling to pupils, students, college goers and employees in all fields. It is not a poor man’s product.

The drugs reported to have been used are cigarettes, tobacco, kuber, shisha, packaged alcohol, chang’aa, hashish, bhang, cocaine, heroin, khat, inhalants, prescription drugs (sedatives or sleeping pills, morphine, codeine, pethidine), and synthetic drugs (amphetamine, hallucinogens, mandrax).

The Kenya Red Cross facilitates and runs a drug rehabilitation center on the Kenyan coast in helping heroin and other drug addicts turn their lives around, which was opened in January 2019 in the remote village of Lamu.

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The center has renewed hope for addicts, many of whom have easy access to hard drugs and often turn to a life of crime.

When we talk about drug abuse in Kenya, the first place one thinks of is the Coast, with its numerous overt addicts.

In Lamu rampant cases are in Mtangawanda, Tchundwa and Kizingitini on Pate Island, all in Lamu East Sub-County.

Other drug hotspots include Milano, Kashmir, Gadeni and Wiyoni areas in Lamu Island in Lamu West Sub-County.

However, Nairobi also has its own set of drug problems.

The country’s capital city is Kosova area a two acre village in Uthiru.

Despite it having over 100 churches in the particular area it also has been the den of drug users and traffickers. Other place is Eastleigh.

Drug dens are now displaced throughout the country but the specific places is unknown living the police in dilemma.

A tweep wrote, “There are so many drug dens you need to work on and especially at Kasarani-mwiki, many kiosks and beauty hubs and even car wash disguising as legal businesses are drug dens… You’ve alot to do DCI, nonetheless, good work.”

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Another pointed out, “Kawangware coast area behind bora bora bar . The dealer pays the security guys by SAA tano mchana. There is a lady also at Kawangware stage 2 Who supplies the stage 2 area and 56.”

A concern tweep also noted that, “Kosovo, Kianda and Nigeria are Hotspots. These areas require continuous use of force. not just once.”

Kenya’s National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) says there are 40,000 heroin users across the Kenyan coast.

Many reside in Lamu, frequenting drug dens.

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