Former homosexual Robettah Wanyeki is out there preaching the gospel after getting saved.

He is trying to win the lost sheep to Christ and who knows, he might turn into a pastor.

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Robettah is now against homosexuality, saying it’s a sin, calling upon the LGBT family to turn to God and shun homosexuality practices.

Be ashamed! I can never be part of this. Homosexuality is a sin and going to church cross-dressed up and kissing and all that bullshit in God’s name is Mocking God.

That pastor is making you commit a sin that you can never be forgiven and its bad. You know very well gaysim is a sin same as lying.. so go and lie at your church alter. Conversation closed. Homosexuality is a SIN!!! Don’t rub it on God’s face,’ he wrote.

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In another post, Robettah he preached about Sodom and Gomorrah saying,

Please The Lord is angry with us, for we have turned his place of worship to Sodom and her sister Gomorrah and Zoar (the 5 cities of Plains). Just like they were arrogant and immoral so are we. I thank God because I have seen his light and I pray for all of you to experience this amazing feeling.. it’s like you are full and nothing is missing. The Lord said, just like I did not warn the cities on the shore of Jordan so shall my son come. I will blow ?? trumpet that even the dead shall be awake. The earthquake will destroy all the cities my son shall be visible to all eyes and he shall be accompanied with all the Angels in heaven. I don’t know why he chose me to tell you this .. maybe you’ll understand better, it’s going to be soon than you expect. Nothing is evolving but only his time is coming. Repent because nothing is worth than this everlasting life. Remember to get born again, get baptized because it’s the only way you can inherit your father’s kingdom. He is passing his judgment and soon he will be done. Soon this world will be like the cities of Plains. I weep for all of you. All with eyes have read, all with ears will hear the warning. Praise be to God, Hallelujah Hosana ??

He added,

You think am ashamed, I will no longer be able to support my self because my source of income was not Godly. I have surrendered to you Lord I know you won’t fail me. Speak to me now. I want to know you more. But expect me more on motivation and spreading the word of God to schools because that’s where I got influenced into the immorality that lead to destruction of Sodom and Gomora, yesterday as I was trying to understand what really happened, I found out God really did not even send a warning to the people of Sodom but just told lot and his family to leave the place and not to look back. God has given me another chance and he has told me not to look back at what I was eating or drinking but go to the people of the mountain because he has a good spot for me.


When asked by one of his followers if he was still gay, Robettah who contemplated suicide a few weeks ago said,

no I am not gay, I have devoted my life to serve Christ. Praise the Lord πŸ™Œ.. he says to inherit the kingdom of God you need to have 3 acceptance; accept Jesus Christ in your life, get baptized and be filled with the Holy Spirit. πŸ”₯

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