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It was a fairy-tale romance made in the imposing Burj Khalifa. Vera Sidika and her mystery Nigerian man were all the rage on social media. Mere mortals followed their life with envy. But that seems to have ended.

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On Valentine’s, Vera Sidika spent the day away from her Nigerian boo. This is a far cry from the past where they spent every waking moment together.

The Nigerian mystery man resides in Dubai, where she spent her birthday and the New Year festivities. All documented in detail on her social media.


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However, on the day that counts the most, the day for lovers, he was not with her.

Vera revealed this in a post on Instagram where she was wrote,

“Heading home right on time for Valentine’s Day Date with Myself ????

She was jetting back home from the Miami International Airport.

Then on Valentines day, she posted a photo from an old trip to Tanzania. It was taken 7 weeks ago at Ramada resort in Dar es Salaam.

vera valentines (1)

Now, her Nigerian boo was in Nairobi if his insta-story is anything to go by.

he captions one of the insta-stories, “Driving to Nairobi to pick Bae.”

Later he also posted other stories of him hanging out with light skinned voluptuous women in what looked like a party. None of them were Vera Sidika.

Kwessshhhhiiiiooooon! Have they broken up? Have they?

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