First of all, let me recognize that Bahati and Yvette Obura, his baby mama are blessed with a beautiful daughter, Mueni Bahati.

Now, lets talk about Bahati!

The Barua hitmaker is being trolled on social media for allegedly not spending his money on their daughter.

This started after he posted a picture of the baby singing in a water basin almost full of water. What came next was fans trolling him for what they say not buying her posh things.


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From what we see on social media is that the Mtoto Wa Mama has been living a lavish lifestyle, with his latest girlfriend (and fiancee) Diana Marua flaunting money aimlessly.

Fans, especially his female fans are roasting him for owing to his irresponsibility after 2 good years. What we do not know is whether Baha was a responsible father before he introduced his daughter on social media or not.

One fan seems to have gotten fed up by this controversial singer as she wrote;

“Iyo pesa ulipeleka Tanzania kuspend na sugar mummy wako si ungenunulia nayo mtoto besheni,,,stop pretending ati now you care where were you 2years ago sai ndio unajitokeza ati my daughter my daughter what about the mother or she is non of your businesses,,you always seek sympathy and attention for nothing nkt”Margaret Masela

Another one went on to support;

Jordan Kithome M” Bahati wekelea mikono kwa kichwa…..sema hii maneno nyuma yangu…..Mimi kelvin bahati…nitaacha kupotosha mavijanaa….nitaacha kua kadinya….na MTU yeyote aliayechukua akili yangu niliyokua Nayo wakati nikitoa ngoma ya mama akaanza kuitumia kufungia nayo chips mwitu anirudishie katika jina la Yesu………amen…..go now u r delivered…”

From there many came in their numbers to troll the Mama hit maker. Here are fans’ reactions:

“Ominde Frida: Tell him were was he all those years ndio anakuja eti my daughter huna hata haya bahati nilifikiria watu wa gospel wanakuabga responsible kumbe hakuna wachana na shuga mummy nunulia mtoi besheni wacha ujinga kama ni Mimi ulikataa mtoi for two years ndio eti unakujia mtoto nitakuchoma na maji useless father

Purity Kash: Sai ndio amekuwa ur daughter na wakati ulikua unamshw mama mueni abort wewe mungu anakuona even u have to thank mama mueni Sana

Peter M Kabiro: When will u post abt the mother..ama huna shughli na yy….hypocrisy!!

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Emma Adhiambo: Pretender like my baby daddy, after almost three years of abandoning me he is now trying to be nice just for me to let him see the girl

margaret masela: This is really hypocritical of you your here now pretending how you care ati my daughter my daughter,,,where were you 2years ago what about your baby mama or she is now non of your business,,, they money that you have been spending with your sugar mummy kindly use it to buy a baby basin,,always looking for sympathy nothing else nkt”