Gospel musician Size 8 is a strong woman. She hosted an Instagram Live in the midst of an infidelity scandal tainting the sanctity of her marriage.

The aim of the Live session was to pray together with her fans and fellow Christians for her marriage and their relationships as well.

For Size 8 the prayer session was part of the 3-day fast to present her marriage before the good Lord for guidance and protection.

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However, after the prayer session Size 8 addressed the hardships that marriages can present.

Size 8 said, “We are here to declare who Yahweh is. He is the Lord and he doesn’t change. And before we talk about anything or before we do anything in this live session we must honour who God is.”

She pointed out that the strength and courage she possesses are all thanks to God’s grace.

“Grace is able to come in and carry you through the hardest. The deepest the most frustrating situation it is not by your own might. You can look at the situation and say, ‘mmh hii situation sitatobia’.”

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She continued,

“But let me tell you it is not about your situation, or your strength. It is not about your capability or mindset, understanding or your wisdom it is about soaking yourself in the grace of God.In Him we live and move and have our being. We are who we are in God.”

She then broached the topic everyone had on their mind about the widely publicised indiscretions of her husband DJ Mo.

“For those who are asking, I have seen the goodness of God in my marriage, home and the salvation of God in my life.”


“Sometimes situations in our lives may seem fogori or shagala bagala inakaa funny but the Bible reminds us that to them that are called to his good purpose ever thing happens for their own good.”

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Size 8 noted, “Sometimes a situation may look like as if it is going to destroy you but it is here to create you into a better person.”

All is not lost as Size 8 also prayed for people whose marriages were on the brink of disaster.

“Now, if you are facing troubles in marriage. If you’re facing obstacles in marriage. I’m here to tell you where there is God there is a possibility of an answered prayer. I speak healing in your heart for those who have been hurt.”

She encouraged her fans,

“God never changes. Whether you are in a good or bad situation his remains the same,” adding, Jehovah fights our battles.”

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