Journalism is one of the toughest careers one would opt for. By venturing into journalism field, it means you’re ready to die for your nation.

Many view journalism as a career for the cerelac babies, a reserve for those with faces for TV and voices for radio, and of course, a well-paying job where journalists take home huge sums of money every month. But that’s not the case.

Journalism is one of the toughest jobs, at one point, one runs around with cameras to capture newsworthy moments, sometimes you are caught in the crossfires between  the police and the rioting public and not to mentions dealing with bad weather.

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Most of those in the media industry actually struggle to make ends meet. Well, KTN’s senior anchor Ben Kitili who was assigned to cover elections in Migori has revealed the things journalists encounter while on duty.

Most roads in Migori county were barricaded and at some point, the car Kitili was travelling in got stuck in the mud for hours.

“From trying to talk to tyre-burning, stone-throwing youth who had barricaded roads to let us attempting to avoid the impassable highway only for rain to catch up with us and get this 3.2 litre 4X4 beast stuck in the mud for 2 hours..the day that was covering Migori county where no voting took place,” Ben Kitili posted on Facebook accompanied by these photos.


Ben Kitili


Ben Kitili
Roads in Migori county barricaded


Ben Kitili


Ben Kitili


Ben Kitili

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