Maina Kageni

Time and time again couples have on a few occasions stated that they stay in toxic marriages to provide a ‘stable’ family for their kids.

Funny as it may sound, most parents think it’s okay for a child to grow up in a toxic family with abusive parents rather than grow up with a single parent.

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Maina Kageni doesn’t agree. According to the radio king, it is better to be single and bring up happy kids than to be in a marriage full of toxicity.

Its painful to hear stories of people who say they stay in a marriage because of the kids.

No matter what is said I cannot understand this narrative.

I cannot tolerate such nonsense.

Maina had in the past hinted he is not in a hurry to get hitched especially after seeing the struggles married people go through.

This, he stated during his morning radio show on Classic 105.

From what you keep telling me do you think I will get married? I see the hell you are all going through.

One of this days we should actually discuss what is the real importance of marriage.

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This will come as a surprise to Maina Kageni’s fans because frankly, speaking majority of them have been dying to know all the juicy details of his love life.

A wise man once said,

“Stop waiting for love and start living. There are many stories your life is meant to tell. Finding love is just one chapter.”

The above point goes to prove that Maina does not have to get married for the chapters in his life history to be complete.

He is okay for now but we are still keeping tabs on him.

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