The angels in heaven must be rejoicing after lost soul Robettah accepted Jesus Christ as the saviour of his life.

Robettah, who was christened one of the sexiest Kenyan gays, through his Instagram account revealed that he had dumped his sinful ways for Christ.


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He even changed his Instagram bio to

Glory Only To God 🙏
Don’t Call Me Robettah 🚫, my name is Robert
I love You All So Much.

Robettah in a series of posts talked about his new life after accepting Christ and he wrote.

I’ve got my mind made up and I won’t turn back because I want to see my Jesus someday… Goodbye world I stay no longer with you.. good bye pleasure of sin I stay no longer with you I’ve made up my mind to go God’s way the rest of my life … Born Born Born Again .. I thank God I’m born again.. I’m born of the water, the spirit and the blood thank God I’m born again… Go tell my enemy I am under the rock, Jehovah hides me I am under his rock .. Only God Deserves Glory, I know I can’t save all of you but remember to thank him and exalt God. Don’t starve because praise and worship is the table of God,’ he wrote in part.


I found joy,peace,grace and favor.. I’ve been changed, healed,freed and delivered. Right now is the moment.. I have waited for this moment to come and I won’t let it pass me by.. I won’t go back, I can’t go back before your presence came and changed me. All my shame, guilt,sin he has forgiven me.. praise the Lord 🔥.. never going back to the way it was .. no more chains, fear,my past IS OVER.

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Robettah, who contemplated suicide a few months ago, also revealed that after he got saved he lost many friends and vowed not to backslide.

He has washed away all my sins and now I am a winner 🔥God Is Good ✨. Since I got saved, I have lost friends I didn’t know I could loose. But I have found a friend who will never let me down. Sing With Me 🙂

The question many are asking is, will he stop cross-dressing or not.

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