Size 8

Gospel singer Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 is without a doubt one of the best and talented artistes around. Ever since she moved from secular to gospel industry, she has been doing great. Her creative gospel songs have a great message and have touched many but it’s her latest song titled Tiga Wana featuring Willy Paul, suggests otherwise.

Afadhali Yesu! Size 8 Never Looked This Hot When She Was Secular, DJ MO Must Be Smiling

A few years back, Size 8 and Willy Paul did a collabo Tam Tam which was received well by their fans and the song is still a hit now. The song has always dominated the local airwaves but Tiga Wana has received heavy backlash. First of all, it doesn’t sound like a gospel song. The video was released three days ago and to promote her new work, Size 8 shared the video on her official Facebook page but this time round, all did not go well. Kenyans came out to slam her with the truth. To many, the song is a miss.

Here are some of the comments:

Ivy: Jjust listen to Evelyn Wanjiru, Mercy Masika, Gloria Muliro…their songs have some message,some anointing. they glorify the Lord. You really need to seek God while writing your songs. don’t be in a hurry to release songs or make collabos.take your time to give God the best.

Njoki: Ooooh no….waristhis!
What are you turning gospel to? The song you people release nowadays can’t even turn a soul to be believer…..Lord have mercy ooooh!!!!

Gladys: Gospel music is about either a prayer to God or a message from God to people, its not entertainment seek God first, and if u insist on Kikuyu check out for Kikuyu gospel music and get the example

Leah: Ile feedback umepata by now inatosha ,this pozee person will ruin you


Shiqs: Juzi tu nliskia “pale pale” tena ni “tiga wana” ata mugithi haina title kaa ii..Kwani umerudishwa “kule kule” Its a big No!


Janet: Who inspired you to create such a horrible song with abusive lyrics ooh my God where is gospel heading to?you mean the producer or whoever the hell produced that song was insane to let this crap out for the world to hear.sweet heavens Willy Paul and Size 8 you people are a disgrace to gospel artist fraternity you should shift to secular stop mocking God He aint your agemate.i feel like slapping someone right now nkt.

Those are just some of the comments and the song is not even a month old!