celina Phill

Being in a relationship is not easy. One has to sacrifice a lot just to keep the relationship healthy and interesting. Although some fall out on the way, there are those who persevere through all the rights and wrongs that come along especially if you promised to be with your better half in sickness and in health, through thick and thin…

Well, relationships come with great challenges and former Mother-in-law TV actress Katherine Kamau popularly known as Celina just revealed this. Celina, who is engaged to her long time boyfriend Tahidi High actor Phil Karanja, just confessed how hard relationships are and how long it would take for one to know their partner in case they get into a new relationship.

“The hardest part about beginning a new relationship is learning to fart quietly again..” 

But why? Farting is normal, and people should not be afraid of doing it in front of their spouses.