Cyprian Awiti

Days are gone when leaders especially politicians and pastors and used to wear oversized clothes. With time, many of them have adopted to more sophisticated lifestyles. Unlike the past where some of them dressed in “funny” looking shoes – that left them with an awkward walking style like someone who had stepped on burning charcoal – high waist trousers, ill-fitting kaunda suits and oversized spectacles that left them looking like scarecrows.

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From their style of dressing, their fancy clothes bought from designer shops in Europe, living in posh homes to driving expensive cars, life has indeed changed but to some, they are still struggling especially when it comes to their fashion sense.

For example, Kenyan governors, have no idea how to style their expensive attires and dress appropriately for a meeting or rally. They will dress in anything as long as its expensive but when it comes to colour blocking, they score zero out of five. Some even dress in oversized sack-like clothes which leave them exposed and embarrassed.

Well, from the famous king of fashion fail, Cyprian Awiti to Nakuru governor Kinuthia Mbugua, here are the worst dressed Kenyan governors.

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  1. Cyprian Awiti – Homabay Governor

Awiti is ever making headlines in the fashion world for the wrong reasons. From wearing oversized trousers to baggy shirts, the Homabay County boss is never afraid of stepping out dressed like that. He has on several occasions been left embarrassed due to major fashion fails. Mwanaume ni mavazi bwana governor!


2. John Nyagarama – Nyamira County

Just like his counterpart Awiti, John also has no sense of fashion. He is famously known for his oversized coats and kawaida T-shirts. Governor anafaa kung’ara bwana. This is not to say his clothes are cheap but the fashion style gives that vibe off.

3. Nanok – Turkana Governor

This mheshimiwa is known for his funny dressing style. Maybe it’s attributed to the heat in Turkana. Political pundits has attributed his fashion sense to that of Riek Machar of Sudan.


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4. Kinuthia

Nax people have a sense of naivety and their governor is at the forefront. Clashing colours when it comes to dressing. He knows little about colour blocking.

Dear governor, you can’t wear stripes on stripes bwana! It breaks major laws in the fashion world.


5. OOH! Amos Wako

Although he is not a governor,  Busia senator has a poor taste when it comes to fashion. His unfit suits explain it all. He also wears fat ties yet people stopped that trend kitambo. Nowadays, classy men put on slim ties with tie pins.