Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa is about to be someone’s wife. She confessed it herself. This is after she deliberately stirred the news that she might be seeing singer Ben Pol.

The two have been trending for a while.This was after she posted a picture of the two of them looking a bit too cozy a month ago, during his club tour.

Then Anerlisa went ahead and made it clear she wants to start a family and we all assumed it was with Ben Pol because she said she met him in February and now she is someone’s girlfriend. According to her, she never thought she would be that January.

Need I say more, one plus one is two.

anerlisa ben pol

To make their love real, Ben Pol confessed he loved Anerlisa by saying he can’t and will never stop loving her in his new song, Sio Mbaya which was a dedication to her.

Well, in case you did not know, Ben Pol is Tanzanian and so he resides at Anerlisa’s home when he is here.

This was after a follower asked Anerlisa :

does ben also stay at your parent’s house when he comes visiting?

She answered:

brothers and sister live together right?


Ben Pol then posted:

Can’t stop loving you

Well after the small reveals, she has come out clean saying she is about to be someone’s wife anytime soon.

Anerlisa opened up in her weekly QnA sessions after she was asked to clarify whether she is single or dating and well she said:

I am about to be somebody’s wife


I do hope this is her happily ever after because she aspires t6o have a family and her last serious relationship ended with a lot of pain after 6 years and an engagement ring.

“She is hot and I love her” Ben Pol comes clean about his feelings for Anerlisa