Joey Joey Joey. This is a lady who has been rumoured to be dating so many men.

One thing that isn’t rumoured is the fact she holds a lot of positions when it comes to the entertainment industry. She started off as a rapper then became a radio presenter before she joined Willis on TV as a co-host of 10 Over 10 on Citizen TV.

Joey Muthengi’s newest gig is being the brand ambassador of Betin alongside football star, Mariga.

Joey Muthengi
Joey Muthengi

As soon as she embarked on this assignment, speculation was rife that the two have a thing going on. This was after the two were spotted in Milan, Italy: a country many people take their romantic gateway to.

Joey spoke out saying the trip was strictly business despite the fact that they are personal friends.

And just when we thought that case was sealed kumbe this was to go on. Joey innocently posed for a picture in a blue boyfriend shirt and the trolls were ready to start up a topic.

victor wanyama
Even Wanyama is tickled by all this

One Keith took to the comment section of the picture said that the shirt Joey had on was Mariga’s. Now I do not know if he is a personal friend to Mariga because he looks like he knows something we clearly do not know.

Joey Muthengi was quick to repost his comment where she replied with laughing emoji’s but the caption of the repost is what caught me off guard.

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She wrote:

Also…just see my life…☝🏼😄. Guess that’s why they call it a boyfriend shirt?! 😯. No? 😅 LOL. Ok. Generally speaking tho… it’s FASHION! 😐🤨 (See previous post)

Did Joey just refer to Mariga as her ‘boyfriend’?

This is a genuine concern because not so long ago, Joey posted a picture of the two and captioned:

“Get you a man who can do this ☺🙌🏼”

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