Vlogger Natalie Tewa and Moses Mukiibi aka and Rnaze have parted ways after a mutual agreement.

Last week, the two lovebirds, who were branded social media power couple after displaying their affection for each other in public, broke up and it was ugly. They took to social media to call out each other.

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 A few weeks back, socialite Vera Sidika, who fell out with her ex Otile Brown in much the same way, invited them for dinner at her place. The bootylicious socialite helped the two reconcile.

Well, yesterday evening, Natalie Tewa and Rnaze apologized to their fans for the circus they caused online. In a series of videos, they shared online, Rnaze said:

Truth is we love each other, anyone who knows us knows this. But we made a mistake and like any other relationship, we have our issues. We’ve been working on these issues but we made a mistake to make our personal issues public and we would like to apologize for involving all of you guys (the public) in our private lives.

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Tewa backed him up saying:

It’s not fake, we actually do love each other. Because of all this, we’ve decided to move forward and we gonna be taking a break and focus on our personal development an in our careers. Keep God first always.

Rnaze added:

We have learnt a lot from this and the number one lesson to take home is relationships should be private, just between you and your guy.

Tewa said:

We are good at what we do individually and we will continue to do what we do best. But we may work on future projects together.

Rnaze shared a photo of him and Natalie and captioned it:

I will always remember the good times NATALIE TEWA.


The sexy vlogger shared the same pic her now ex-lover posted accompanied with a message that read:

DEspite it all, remember us for the good times.

Natalie Tewa and Rnaze

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