Yesterday, comedian Othuol Othuol was admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital after fainting in his home in Kitengela.

“He was rushed to the Kitengela Hospital for immediate treatment, after gaining consciousness as well as recommendations from doctors there, he was moved to KNH at around 4am only to be admitted Wednesday 24th morning after members hue and cry to the KNH to admit him.”

The details of his treatment has been revealed by Ken Waudo the chairman of Comedian in Kenya Society.

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In a press statement sent to Mpasho, Waudo said,

“Our fellow member Ben Maurice Onyango known as comedian Othuol Othuol is recuperating at the Kenyatta National Hospital where he was admitted on Wednesday morning at around 10am.

Waudo explained, “We have been in communication with stakeholders and it was agreed Kenyatta Hospital has best experts to diagnose his condition as well as accord treatment of the same.”

He noted,

“Today morning a team of doctors who attended to him in the ward and managed to book MRI scanning for him scheduled for on 30th June 2020 at the same facilities, this is to determine both causes and treatment to his condition.”


“So far we thank the hospital management for hearing our call when there was a delay in admitting him.”

Waudo explained that Othuol’s delayed admission led to a hue and cry by members of the society which were heard and action taken.

“Suffice to say he is under care and watch of KNH medical teams including doctors, nurses and medical aids and constantly treated to any arising needs for such, while awaiting results from diagnosis.”

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Today, his fellow comedians visited him in hospital.

Here are some photos.

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