TV actress Maureen Wanza is collateral damage in the ongoing nurses strike that has lasted 106 days. The Actress passed on while giving birth to her first child in Kilifi on Tuesday.

Announcing the news was Ashiners Films CEO Ann Hamburg who said that “She bled to death. Unfortunately, her baby also died minutes later.”

Maureen was a familiar face in local TV productions like Sumu and Almasi.

Fellow actress Kibibi Salim through her social media accounts wrote, “She had gone to Kilifi to give birth but she died in the process. The kid also died. This is a very big blow to us, very sad indeed.”

Erick Omtere added, “What ??!!! Cant believe the girl who used to act as my girlfriend in the Almasi TV program is gone?!!”

Comic Gerald Langiri also paid tribute. He wrote, “To an avid fan, to lose a celebrity is one thing but to lose a celebrity you knew and called a friend is a whole different thing altogether. *sigh* Just received sad news that Maureen Wanza and her baby have passed away. She was giving birth in a hospital in Kilifi and both mother and child are no more. Condolences to her family, friends and especially her colleagues at Ashiner Pictures where she called home as well..Maureen will be best remembered for her role as Sasha in the swahili program Sumu which she got nominated for best lead actress in a TV drama at Kalasha awards 2015 and for her role as Laiki on Cheche. Another soul has gone too soon. Rest with the angels.”

Co star Kenneth Ambani said, “She made my experience in Sumu worthwhile.”

Linzy Morel paid tribute to Maureen: To my best friend I will miss you forever life will never be the same without you by my side I am broken down torn up into little pieces words cannot describe how I feel. I cant believe you have left me it hurts tremendously my beloved sister but I keep you in a special place in my heart for I know its where you will live on forever and ever I love you very much and may your soul find peace. I miss you.

Liz Karanja: Waaah!😯 May you rest with the Angels Maureen Wanza. In big shock!😯

Veronicah Mwaura: Rest in Peace my dear. Maureen Wanza – actress in Sumu, Almasi, Kashfa. the Art industry has lost a gem. Mama Prince lala salama. Maisha mafupi kweli. Hii dunia sisi wapita njia aki.

Janet Mbunga: This is shocking and very sad. As a mother, nobody should die while bringing forth another life. As an artist, we have lost a great deal. I enjoyed watching her shows.

Lucy Nyagah: May both souls rest in peace. maternal death..woii i can’t help shedding tears. i loved watching her. she was a talented actress . I’m indeed sad. Beyond zero is still a dream. I’m a bit angry too.

Joix Wanjala:
Truly disheartening.. My children loved her on screen…

The funeral arrangements are currently underway.

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