Patricia Wangui Gitonga fondly know as Kui Gitonga among her book readers and biker community lost her life on Saturday November 21, 2020 in a tragic road accident.

Many bikers cane out to castigate the recklessness of motorists towards bikers. Deputy president’s wife Rachel Ruto added her voice in paying tribute to Kui.

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She wrote in a statement posted on her socual media,

“I am gutted to hear of the unfortunate death of Kui Gitonga, a young, vibrant and innocent rider who was knocked down this morning while riding.”


“Kui was a formidable young spirit who gave of herself to coach young upcoming riders.
I urge motorists to exercise great and extra caution on our roads.Our hearts and prayers go out to Kui, her family and the entire rider community during this difficult period.
Rest in peace, Kui.”

Kui’s memorial service will be at The Consolata Shrine, Westlands on Monday November 30, 2020 at 2 pm.

Kui shall be laid to rest at their family home in Karatina on Tuesday December 1, 2020.

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A biker, Wakili Timam penned a long post castigating her needless death. He highlighted the challenges bikers go through.

“Let’s all take a moment of silence to commemorate all our departed biker brothers and sister.

On Saturday, we lost our first ever lady biker to a collision with a recklessly driving maniac who lost control of his speeding car and veered into the path of our sister at a high rate of speed, side swiping and injuring her extensively. Those who knew our departed sister Kui Gitonga describe her as a caring and highly disciplined rider who touched their lives with indelible memories.

Now here we are, as a biker community, silently grappling with yet another loss directly attributed to reckless drivers and with several witnesses yet we won’t do anything to fight for our plight as motorcylists on the road.

When motorists encounter motorcylists in unpleasant circumstances, they make so much noise about it. So much so that the recklessness of motorcylists, especially bodaboda riders is well known, publicized and used to generally demonize all motorcylists and further to abuse your rights to fair usage of roads and public spaces under the guise that you are inferior or are not entitled to equal rights. They’ll kill you, push you off the road, ban you from parking like cars whether you are willing to pay for parking or not, ban you from accessing some public areas like the CBDs or public roads like Muthaiga Road etc and you continue to allow them to divide and rule you…only making noise when you are affected at a personal level.

What is this BIKER COMMUNITY? Are we GENUINELY UNITED? Do we have the capacity to STAND FOR OURSELVES or to STAND AGAINST OUR OPPRESSORS? What shall it take for us to say that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? How many lives do we do let them end or ruin forever before we can RISE UP and SAY NO to ALL MANNER OF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MOTORCYLISTS IN KENYA?

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Y’all can decide to sit pretty and blame MOTORCYCLE KENYA for not doing enough for you whereas you’ve never done anything to support them or the community at large as an individual biker or bike enthusiast.

I have never come across a biker who’s never been pushed off the road by a ROGUE DRIVER. WE ALL ARE VICTIMS. It’s like we’ve let drivers accept pushing us off the road as an Okay thing to do. And whoever refused to make way is either referred to as egoistic or stupid…if you die you die…afterall you knew that riding was dangerous when you took it up…NONSENSE!!!

If we could consistently single out ROGUE drivers and selflessly pursue and fight for their prosecution for endangering our lives, injuring motorcylists or even causing death by dangerous driving, the rest would learn LESSONS and as a result, we’d reduce the number of ACCIDENTS directly attributed to this. NO ONE WILL WAKE UP ONE DAY AND GIVE US RESPECT OUT THERE ON THE ROADS. WE’VE GOT TO TAKE IT SINCE IT IS OUR RIGHT TO LIVE AND ENJOY THIS LIFE ON TWO WHEELS.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

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